"Over a period of several months, Mr. Orlando Mancina of International Tactical Training Academy, instructed the members of 15 Military Police Company, 14 MP Platoon (Calgary) in an Introduction to Close Quarter Combat course. This specifically tailored course to the Military Police was professional in its delivery and its content was extremely useful whether deployed in an operational theater, garrison policing role or in the field. I would like to thank Orlando Mancina for providing realistic training for real world application."

Mcpl. Jeff Vanderburg
15 Military Police Company, 14 MP Platoon


Orlando Mancina

Founder and Training Director of ITTA in addition to his military background he is a recognized Firearm Instructor with the Department of Justice and has extensive training and experience instructing all types of firearms and safety courses, ranging from civilian to police and military applications.

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Mark Mancina

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Sanjay Malhotra – Adjunct Instructor

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Kim Clark – Adjunct Instructor

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