Kenjutsu - Sword Training

Kenjutsu (True Techniques of the Sword) - A combat form of swordsmanship rooted from the traditional arts of the Samurai. Dating back to the late Kamakura Period (1192-1333) in which a disorderly environment lead to the growth of the military arts and the need for well organized martial disciplines. This need lead to the growth of Kenjutsu, one of the Six Ancient Martial Arts mandatory for warrior training.

Though very traditional, Kenjutsu still has many modern applications. A system based on strategy, distance, timing and technique (all crucial for success in combat) are still bases in present day Martial Arts. A martial art not to be mistaken with Kendo which is often considered a non-lethal or watered down version of Kenjutsu, more of a sport than a combative martial art.

The Bokuto(Bokken or Wooden Sword) forms the base for the art, perfecting movements and cutting strikes safely. Once perfected, the Bokuto is then upgraded to an Iaito (unsharpened sword) then later to a live sword (Katana).

Sword training is very unique; using an instrument that is both beautiful and lethal requires sincere training. Development of focus and concentration will in turn refine and discipline your spirit.

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