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PAL - Firearms Licence

Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL)

Anyone who wishes to acquire non-restricted firearms in Canada must first pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course tests in order to apply for their gun licence known as a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). Non-Restricted Firearms are ordinary hunting, sporting rifles and shotguns.

If one wishes to acquire restricted firearms (handguns) they must ALSO pass the Canadian RESTRICTED Firearms Safety Course tests.

ITTA provides instructional classroom seminars such as The Firearms Acquisition Course (FAC), now referred to as Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL).

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course

This is a basic firearms safety training course; it is designed to give the students a working knowledge of handling firearms safely and familiarity with the laws and procedures regarding firearms ownership in Canada. Following the firearms training, even complete novices should have no problem passing the required examinations. The course is designed so that those who have never handled guns will gain a good understanding of the subject. Students who have experience find the course to be a great refresher and excellent preparation for the Canadian Firearms Safety Examination.

There are two separate courses - one for non-restricted and the other for restricted firearms. This is a classroom training course and there is no actual shooting. There is, however, ample opportunity to handle various kinds of rifles, shotguns and handguns.

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